What we’re doing.

COVID-19 is here, and like many we are deeply concerned about the economic toll it’s taking at home and abroad.

We are particularly sensitive to the affect COVID-19 is having on the arts & cultural community.

Thousands of professional musicians (performers, composers, and educators) have watched their ability to earn a livelihood effectively disappear overnight.

We are partnering with Musicians Foundation to donate 10% of sales to their COVID-19 fund.

So for every $100 spent with Musicstorm Audio, $10 will be donated.

Musicians Foundation has a rich history of support for the professional music community, dating back to 1914. Their COVID-19 fund is being deployed to specifically address the needs of musicians during this uniquely challenging time.

Together we can play a small but significant part in recovery.

James Bertuzzi
Founder, Musicstorm Audio

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