We are pleased to offer volume discounts for purchases of 5 or more CB-1 headphones.

CB-1 volume discounts

The CB-1 has become a staple in recording studios and pro audio environments around the world. Some of the finest audio professionals rely on the CB-1s for mixing, tracking, and any situations that demand critical listening.

5+ units = 20% off
10+ units = 25% off
20+ units = contact for pricing

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Trusted by the best in the business.

"We have a stack of headphones at the studio and some are very high-end. The CB-1s are always the pair the band fights over and wants first every session. For the comfort and the clarity they simply beat out the high-end headphones in our locker.???

Anthony "Rocky" Gallo
Producer/Recording Engineer
Owner of Virtue and Vice Studio

"The CB-1's beautifully balanced tone came to the fore with the Christian McBride Big Band's "Bringin' It" album. The swinging horn charts might be too piercing with a lesser headphone, but the CB-1 had no such issues. They just let me hear how good this new recording really is."

Steve Guttenberg
CNET's "The Audiophiliac"

"The CB-1???s are still a big hit with musicians. We???ve been setting them up as our main phones, only digging into our old stock of ATs when we have more musicians than CB-1s. Everyone so far has commented that they???re super comfortable and sound great.???

Chris Allen
Chief Engineer, Sear Sound NYC

"Their soundstage is wide ??? wider than you have any right to expect from a closed-back headphone in this price range ??? and their stereo imaging is superb."

Vlad Savov
The Verge